To Amsterdam!

Day 20: 24 January 2014

Friday morning I anxiously waited for Shakespeare to end so I could rush with Devon and Maegan to the train station to meet everyone else in Amsterdam. We were so excited for our first weekend away with all of our friends. I really mean ALL of our friends because out of the 43 people on the program, probably about 25-30 went to The Netherlands that weekend.

We took a two hour ride on the Eurostar to Brussels, connected and waited for 45 minutes, then hopped on another train to Amsterdam that took about an hour and fifty minutes.
These trains were amazing. They make Amtrak look like it belongs at the kiddie table. I received complimentary tea, scones, cake, bread, cheese, wine and more…


Amtrak needs to step it up. At least provide water or something. We arrived in the city around 10:00 pm or 10:30 pm and had our first taste of being in a country in which the primary language was not English. Eventually we made it to the taxis and had our driver bring us to our hostel which was StayOkay Vondelpark.

1. Amsterdam drivers are insane. They make Massholes look like grandmas.

2. Our hostel was really nice. There were six of us girls in our own private room and the guys also booked a private room for six one floor away.

3. Coffee houses are all over the place!

Once the three of us dropped off our bags we went on a mission to find the rest of the group that had been there for hours. We called them on our burners, which is what I call my international crap phone, and wandered around until we found Rancho Argentina Grill where they were eating. Afterwards we just explored the area near the restaurant and our hostel because it was pretty late. I got a great night’s sleep for a full Saturday.


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