Recipes to Test When I Return to the U S of A

London life is amazing but I’m a student trying to travel and see as much as possible so my baking is at an all time low of none. Not to mention our flat does not have proper baking materials or even some cooking materials. That being said, I have gotten creative with meals because London is fantastic for buying healthy food at inexpensive prices. Thank God for fresh produce markets and no GMO’s. However, upon returning to the States I shall be baking and cooking up a storm once I am back in the comfort of my own kitchen.

I already have a request from the padre to find a delicious bangers and mash recipe to make at home. Bangers and mash = my favorite pub food in the world. Add a pint of cider and you have British perfection. Next weekend I’ll be venturing to Ireland where I can only imagine to find the best pub food of all.

The only people who really ever let me cook for them are Konnor and my dad but they seem to enjoy it (you guys enjoy it, right?)

Here’s a short list of the many recipes I hope to try out because I love cooking, baking and eating:

Chicken Caesar Burgers  (

Banana and Spinach Smoothie Muffins (

Indoor S’mores (

Chicken Avocado Burgers (

Farfelle with Kale and Bacon (

French Toast Roll-Ups (

Feta and Parmesan Zucchini Bake (

Buffalo Chicken Cauliflower Bites (

Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Bars (

Garlic Grilled Tomatoes (

We’ll see how many of these I actually make… but I’m a goal-setter.

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