Buckingham Palace

Day 8:

On Saturday January 11, the entire program took a bus tour of London. We were able to get off at any stop and get back on whenever we chose. My friends and I hopped off at the Buckingham Palace stop, ate a delicious sandwich (with goat cheese) at a cute cafe called The Nightingale and walked to the Palace.


Buckingham palace and the area around it is so beautiful.  It’s definitely different to live in a country that has royalty because everything is ornate and lavish. I’m so behind on the blog but I miss everyone from home so so much and can’t wait to talk to you all soon. I’ve seen photographs of all my friends back at school together and I wish they could all be with me now. Serious FOMO on my end in terms of UConn basketball because I wanted to be at the UConn-Louisville game so badly the other night.  This was not a good weekend for my sports teams.

ImageImage ImageImageImage

It’s nearly 2:00 PM, but the rest of my day comprises finishing an episode of Sherlock, making family dinner, going to the gym, and reading!

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