Victoria and Albert Museum and Harrod’s

Day 7:

Finally after days of orientation I was able to go see some exciting parts of London last week. Having never heard of the Victoria and Albert Museum, I was more than happy to go without any expectations.  The Islamic Middle East sections were beautiful and my favorite part.  However, I do intend to go back since the museum is huge and I will need several visits to wander around the entire place.


Harrod’s was very overwhelming, especially since I did not know it was an entire city block! It is HUGE. I also don’t feel like I have enough money to even be allowed to walk around in there. The designer bags, perfume, and clothing are beautiful. I need to buy some macaroons before the trip is over.


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5 thoughts on “Victoria and Albert Museum and Harrod’s

  1. Hey, I LOVED your post about London, I am actually not too far away from London and when I go to the city it feels like such a treat! I so agree with you on Harrods though, I always walk around with my hands in my pockets far to worried ill break something expensive (im really clumzy) You should come across to my blog and see my posts about camping in England :)

      • Ah I have travelled far and wide across England! i have only just started my blog today though so if you want to you can just follow me and my posts about where id recommend will be up soon :)

  2. Love the V&A, though I agree you need to visit quite a few times to see and appreciate everything properly. It’s just too much to take in at once! Harrod’s is just too touristy for me to deal with, but I’d definitely recommend the biscuits and other foodie items from Fortnum and Mason’s by Piccadilly (still touristy, but I can deal with it better for some reason), and doing an Oxford Street excursion if you actually want to get some proper shopping in!

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