8 Things to Do in Amsterdam in 2 Days

8 Things to Do in Amsterdam in 2 Days

1. Visit Vondelpark
My hostel was right outside of the gates of Vondelpark. It’s probably Amsterdam’s most famous and beautiful park! Pictures show it to be beautiful and lively in the spring and summertime, but I went in late January.

2. Go bike riding
There are bikers everywhere in Amsterdam so you might as well join them since biking is a great way to get around the city. Be careful though because bikers have their own lane and you will almost definitely get hit (I almost did) if you mistake it for the sidewalk.

3. Tour Anne Frank’s house
My #1 favorite memory from Amsterdam is going here. Get there early in the morning before the crowds arrive!

4. Eat some Dutch cheese
The Dutch are not only known for their apple pie but also for their delicious cheese. We found a little Dutch cheese shop and asked the owner to give us the best cheese we wouldn’t be able to taste outside of the Netherlands.

5. Eat a pancake
Pancake houses are frequent and delicious! Similar to crepes, you can order off of the sweet menu or the savory menu. I ordered bacon and cheese but also really wanted to try the spinach and feta.

6. Go to the Heineken Experience
Learn about the Netherlands’ best beer while you drink it. Good luck not buying anything from the rad gift shop after the tour.

7. Take a canal tour
Traveling by water is the most efficient way to travel the city. You will learn a lot about the city’s cultural and architectural history (and get some great photos).

8. Find one of the many I Amsterdam signs
If you didn’t take a photo of Amsterdam did you really go to Amsterdam?

The Netherlands is a beautiful place to which I hope to return during the springtime to see blooming tulip fields, explore the countryside and eat more of that amazing cheese.

Wanderlust Wednesday: Santorini

Santorini, Greece
Lately as the last evidence of summer fades into an orange-red New England fall, I’ve been dreaming of laying under the Grecian sun on Santorini. I almost booked a spontaneous trip to the island in March, but due to lack of time and funds, opted for Malta instead. Every time my best friend and I watch Mamma Mia, I think about how amazing it must be to spend a day–let alone film an entire movie–there. One day…

Zen Canyon Retreats

Zen Canyon Retreats

This summer has flown by due to my constant activity. Before I was prepared for it I realized that my senior year starts MONDAY (say what?)!! Overall, this summer has been extremely busy. I’ve been working two jobs and attempting to have a social life, so blogging as has fallen by the wayside. In June I became one of the first two interns for the adventure travel company, Zen Canyon Retreats!


At Zen Canyon Retreats, we create amazing adventure yoga retreats for studios all over the country to bring yoga to the waterfall paradise Havasupai in the Grand Canyon. Our main goal is to change the yoga retreat industry from consumeristic toward more fair, sustainable travel. We work directly with yoga studios to plan the perfect retreats and we take care of all the heavy lift (camping gear, permits, fresh organic food, the best guides, etc.). Adventurous yogis enjoy an amazing hike into the Grand Canyon, a visit to Supai village, deliciously prepared fresh meals (tailored to most diets), swimming in the healing waters of Havasu Falls, and practicing yoga in the best secret spots!



This opportunity is the dream internship I never knew existed before May. Once I learned all about the business model and got to know the two co-founders Sam and Jules, I knew this was the perfect position for me. I am the Social Media expert, Web Editor, and a Trip Planner all rolled into one!

All of the social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) were created and are run by yours truly! So PLEASE go check them each out for fantastic travel, yoga, hiking, and food photos and interesting articles/information/videos! ‘Like’ or Follow if you please!



I truly love being part of such an amazing team of people who radiate positivity. I have gone from being a person who wanted to try yoga out at some point in the future, to someone who practices at home multiple times a week. You’ll find various yoga videos on Twitter and Facebook, each of which I have personally done right before posting it online.

Our cooperative of yoga studios is constantly growing and we have limitless destination opportunities. Shortly, we will be introducing a new trip out of the country (and continent), with many more to follow.

If you are an instructor or studio owner looking to run a retreat with us or learn more information, please email me (Tara) at zencanyonretreats@gmail.com!